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Coating analysis

Coating analysis


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Plating thickness-Coulomb method

GB/T 4955

Plating thickness-metallographic method

QB/T 3817

Plating thickness-electron microscope method

JB/T 7503, ASTM 8748

Plating thickness-X-ray method

GB/T 12961

Zinc coating quality (weight)

GB/T 1839, ISO 1460

Plating composition analysis (energy spectrum method)

GB/T 17359

Adhesion strength-thermal shock method/bending method/thermal shock (quenching)

SJ 20130, ASTM B571, ISO 2819  

Adhesion strength-hot cold cycles, cracks in chrome plating, pores in chrome plating  

GB/T 12600


Corrosion resistance test

Corrosion resistance testing is a material that detects the chemical, physical (or mechanical) damage process of metals other materials due to interaction with the environment Experiment. It is an important means to grasp the characteristics of the corrosion system composed of materials the environment, underst the corrosion mechanism, control the corrosion process.  &Nbsp;

Main inspection items

Stainless steel 10% oxalic acid corrosion test| Stainless steel sulfuric acid-iron sulfate corrosion test| Stainless steel 65% nitric acid corrosion test|Stainless steel nitric acid-hydrofluoric acid Corrosion test | Stainless steel sulfuric acid-copper sulfate corrosion test | Stainless steel 5% sulfuric acid corrosion test | Neutral salt spray test | Acid salt spray test | Copper ion accelerated salt spray | Sulfur dioxide corrosion test | Hydrogen sulfide corrosion test | Mixed gas corrosion test


Test criteria

Test product

Test criteria

Automotive interior exterior materials parts

GB/T 1771, GB/T 6461, GB/T 20854, GB/T 24195, GB/T 10125, ISO 9227,  ;

ISO 10289, ISO 16151, ISO 14993, JIS H 8681-2,EIA-364-26B

Electronic electrical products

GB/T 2423.17, GB/T 10125 ISO 9227, GB/T 2423.18,IEC 60068-2-52, IEC 60068-2- 11, EN 60068-2-11

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