Customer Service

Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide and exceed customer expectations
and be customers' eternal partners

Service process

Standard and simple process, efficient and careful service level, perfect service system

First Step

One-to-one communication to determine needs and solutions

Confirm the organization that needs to be sent for inspection, testing, certification, factory inspection, inspection, calibration items

Second step

Prepare application materials and samples

The applicant prepares application materials and samples according to the requirements of the applied project, and fills in the application form provided by the testing and certification

The third step

Send to the laboratory for testing

Report the test progress to the customer. If there is any unqualified item, timely rectification should be carried out in accordance with the sample test rectification notice

Step Four

The inspection is completed and the report and certificate will be issued

When the test or other services are completed, we will notify the customer as soon as possible, and provide the electronic version of the test report and certificate

Step Five

Thoughtful after-sales service

The skilled professional team summarizes and consults the follow-up service description of the client's project, and follows up the follow-up service every year.