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"Experimental efficiency", "Operational norms", "Data is correct", "Customer satisfaction Kaibo Testing has established EMC, RF, optoelectronics, safety, and reliability laboratories in Shenzhen. The company has always been adhering to the concept of "independence, objectivity, fairness, professionalism, and innovation" to provide the society with professional, authoritative, and high-quality testing services . The company has advanced domestic and foreign testing equipment with excellent performance, as well as a group of high-quality and experienced senior testing technology experts, which can provide customers with one-stop testing .

EMC electromagnetic compatibility (1)

Electromagnetic compatibility immunity EMS and electromagnetic compatibility emission test can be carried out according to GB, IEC, ISO, EN, YY, NB, TB and other industry standards

EMC electromagnetic compatibility (2)

Conduction; disturbance power; space radiation; harmonic & flicker; magnetic field disturbance; intermittent interference; electrostatic discharge

EMC electromagnetic compatibility (3)

It can test multiple certification items such as CE, FCC, and 3C. And the laboratory is also equipped with test equipment for automotive electronics

Safety Laboratory (1)

Electric strength, Contact current, Grounding and connection protection measures, Load test, Overvoltage, Electric strength, Flame retardant Impact test

Safety Laboratory (2)

Abnormal work and malfunctions, Restricted power supply, Capacitor discharge, Creepage distance and electrical clearance, Drop test, Heat resistance (ball pressure), Label durability test

Safety Laboratory (3)

Wet heat treatment test, Stability test, Constant force test, Impact test, Stress relief test, Handle load test, Battery charge and discharge test

Material Reliability Laboratory

Metal materials involve testing of the mechanical properties of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, mechanical equipment and parts.

Physical and Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Catalysts, surfactants, adsorbents, carbon black, inorganics, organics, fillers, curing agents, leveling agents, dispersants

Electrical Performance Laboratory

Noise test, Temperature rise test, Ground resistance test, Contact resistance test, Leakage tracking, Withstand voltage test, Insulation test