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Provide competitive salary in the industry
and core personnel will be offered equity incentives

Talent Strategy

We can attract outstanding talents from the national cross-cultural talent pool to serve our diversified customers and markets.
We advocate a diverse and inclusive culture, respect individual differences and value unique insights, so that Aoneng can continue to innovate and make better decisions.
We promise to support and help each employee's growth and success. We have corresponding training and development plans for talents at all levels to help employees develop successfully. Creative ideas and innovative thinking are paid much attention and admiration here.

Personality first, dedication-oriented

Career Development

Working in Kaibo Testing, we will provide you with opportunities:
1. Use influence and make changes (with the opportunity to comment)
2. Provide customers with unparalleled value (do important things)
3. Enjoy the opportunity of continuous learning at work (learning and growth)
4. Have career development prospects (recognition and success)

Salary and Benefits

Five social insurance and one housing fund

The company purchases social security and provident funds for employees, and regularly conducts physical examinations.

Paid vacation

Employees are entitled to various paid vacations stipulated by the state, and the company will issue holiday gifts to employees.


The company regularly organizes cultural and sports activities, annual meeting dinners, year-end lucky draws, etc.

Training and Development

The company attaches great importance to the improvement of employee skills and safety awareness, and provides various skills training for employees