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Shenzhen  CABLETEK Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " CABLETEKTesting") was established in November 2014. It is a national and comprehensive independent third-party testing service organization, mainly engaged in consumer electronics consulting, testing and certification Business.

CABLETEK Testing is managed according to ISO17025 and ISO17020. CABLETEK Testing is qualified to independently issue impartial data to the society, and the test data has international credibility.

 CABLETEK Testing is the witnessing laboratory of ITS, TUV, UL, the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Innovation Voucher Warehousing Service Agency, and the Guangdong Province Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Service Platform. It provides a public technical service platform for product innovation and industrial upgrading in China's manufacturing industry. Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, National Radio Management Committee, CCIC Southern and other state-owned management and testing and certification agencies have in-depth cooperative relations.

CABLETEKTesting has established EMC, RF, optoelectronic, safety and reliability laboratories in Shenzhen. The company has always been adhering to the concept of "independence, objectivity, impartiality, professionalism and innovation" to provide society with professional, authoritative and high-quality testing services. The company has advanced domestic and foreign testing equipment with excellent performance, as well as a group of high-quality and experienced senior testing technology experts, which can provide customers with one-stop testing and certification solutions to help customers succeed in new products Enter the domestic and international markets.