Lithium-ion battery certification

Lithium-ion battery certification

With the popularity of portable electronic devices, the efficiency reliability of batteries have become more more important. We are ready to provide an efficient testing certification service to verify compliance with related global battery requirements including UL, IEC, etc., make full use of any previous or concurrent UL assessment tests based on UL1642 UL2054.


For portable electronic products Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries battery packs" GB 31241-2014

·  The stard will be enforced on August 1, 2015;

·  After the stard is implemented, all lithium battery products must meet the GB31241 stard;

·  After the new version of the national stard is enforced, it is expected to be subject to stricter stricter supervision. National sampling, provincial sampling, local sampling will adopt the new version of the national stard requirements in the new sampling plan.

·Other stards



Certification category


Battery core


GB31241, GB/T28164, IEC62133 -2012

Battery Pack


GB31241, GB/T28164, IEC62133 -2012

Power Bank




Applicable products

Electronic product category

Various electronic products Detailed example

Portable Office Products

laptop, PAD, etc.

Mobile communication products

Mobile phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets , Walkie-talkie, etc.

Portable audio video products

portable TV, portable player , Camera, video camera, etc.

Other portable products

electronic navigator, digital photo frame, Game consoles, e-books, etc.


·The portable electronic products listed above do not include all products, so products not listed are not necessarily outside the scope of this stard.

· wearable The equipment uses lithium-ion batteries battery packs to meet stard requirements.


Certification process


1 Type test

·Valid for 1 year, review before expiration.


2 Type test+ Initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision

·The certificate is valid for a long time


· type test +Supervision after certification

The certificate is valid for a long time will be supervised after obtaining the certificate


Certification precautions

1, unit division Principles

· multiple The mo can be placed on the same certificate, saving test costs. (Please refer to the implementation rules for specific division principles)

· battery The battery pack should be divided into different certification units.

· manufacturer , Products with different production plants or production sites should be divided into different certification units.


2, unit division Principles quantity of samples to be submitted


3、  Key points of factory inspection: Factory quality assurance ability & product consistency inspection

(1)Factory quality assurance ability inspection

Press CQC/F001-2009" CQC Mark Certification Factory Quality Assurance Ability Requirements" Annex 2 "Safety Certification Factory Quality Control Testing Requirements for Secondary Batteries Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Equipment" are checked.

(2) product consistency check


Factory During the inspection, the consistency of the products applying for certification should be checked at the production site, focusing on the following contents.

a The logo of the certified product should match The ination indicated on the type test report is consistent;

b The structure of the certified product should be consistent with Consistent in the type test report;

c the key zero used in certified products The parts should be consistent with the type test report;

d At the production site, at least one sample shall be taken for each manufacturer each product for the consistency check of the products applying for certification.


4. Re-examination post-certification supervision

(1) Review (applicable only Authentication mode 1)

a before expiration 3 months to submit a review application.

b During the review, the applicant You can choose one of two review modes:

  First, make the style again Test, after passing the CQC re-examination, extend the validity of the certificate for one year;

  The second is to accept the review factory The inspection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the initial factory inspection. After passing the CQC re-examination, the certificate will be valid for a long time.

( 2) Supervision after certification

a authentication mode 2 authentication mode 3 The validity period of the certificate is long-term, the validity of the certificate is maintained through regular supervision

b For authentication mode 3, the first The time for supervision inspection shall be carried out within 3 months after obtaining the certificate. If it is not completed within 3 months, the corresponding valid certificate shall be suspended.


5. Changes to certified products

content on the certificate When there is a change, or when the product involves safe design, structural parameters, shape, key components/raw materials changes, or other matters specified by CQC In the event of a change, the certificate holder shall apply to CQC.

Approval of changes Change. If a new certificate is renewed, the number effective date of approval of the new certificate shall remain unchanged, the renewal date shall be indicated.


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