General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine: Further promote the integration of inspection, testing and certification agencies for the quality inspection system

Source: Date: 2021-8-20

Notice of the Science and Technology Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on the issuance of the "Key Points of Quality Inspection Technology Work in 2018"

Jianke Letter (2018) No. 9

All directly affiliated inspection and quarantine bureaus, all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (market supervision and management department), all directly affiliated units:

In order to implement the spirit of the 2018 National Quality Inspection Work Conference and earnestly do a good job in quality inspection technology, the "Key Points of Quality Inspection Technology Work in 2018" is hereby issued to you. Please implement it in accordance with the actual situation.

February 11, 2018

Key points of quality inspection technology in 2018

The overall requirements for quality inspection technology work in 2018 are: earnestly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, follow Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, adhere to the new development concept, in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and earnestly implement the national quality inspection work The deployment of the conference and the National Science and Technology Working Conference centered on the implementation of quality improvement actions, in-depth advancement of the construction of scientific and technological quality inspection, and focused on improving the quality of scientific and technological innovation capabilities and service levels of quality inspection, and made new contributions to building a country with a strong quality and a strong science and technology.

1. Insist on collaborative innovation and comprehensively promote quality basic scientific research

1. Do a solid job of research on common technologies of national quality foundation. Strengthen the top-level design research of the NQI system construction, plan new key special projects, and conduct in-depth scientific research on technical trade measures. Organize and implement NQI key special projects, ensure the realization of overall goals and the quality of special output results, and strengthen the integration, application and publicity of results.

2. Actively promote local NQI technological innovation. Do a good job in the implementation of the "Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Strengthening the National Quality Basic Science and Technology Innovation" and strengthen work supervision; all localities must actively seek the support of science and technology departments, introduce corresponding measures, clarify support points, and promote local efforts to strengthen NQI overall construction With integrated applications, a new pattern of coordinated linkage and overall promotion between the central and local governments will be constructed.

3. Continue to do a good job in the management and implementation of other science and technology plans. Organize the implementation of the 2018 AQSIQ technology plan project and emergency technical support special project. Continue to promote the implementation, management, and acceptance of ongoing research projects such as the national key research and development plan, the national science and technology support plan, and the public welfare industry scientific research project.

4. Conscientiously carry out quality inspection and scientific research results evaluation. Do a good job in the evaluation of scientific research results of the national quality inspection system, concentrate on publicizing and displaying a batch of outstanding quality inspection scientific research results, recommend applying for the 2018 National Science and Technology Award, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of quality inspection scientific and technological workers.

2. Strengthen capacity building and support industrial quality improvement with multiple measures

5. In-depth promotion of the innovation and development of the National Quality Inspection Center. In accordance with the requirements of supply-side structural reforms, focusing on the development of emerging industries and the needs of local industrial restructuring, a number of national quality inspection centers are planned to be built, and special organization and implementation of quality and technical supervision capabilities are improved. Strengthen the dynamic management of the National Quality Inspection Center, study and formulate opinions on strengthening and improving the construction and management of the National Quality Inspection Center, and better play the role of the National Quality Inspection Center in supporting the performance of duties and strengthening public technical services.

6. Continue to optimize the layout of national key testing laboratories. Focusing on the need to ensure national security, we will concentrate our efforts to build a number of national key testing laboratories and regional central laboratories. According to the reform of inspection and quarantine business, we will dynamically adjust the planning and layout of national key testing laboratories, and implement the "Administrative Measures for the Use of Inspection and Quarantine Laboratory Instruments and Equipment" to better support the quality inspection and the development of emerging industries.

7. Strive to build a digital laboratory. Promote the construction of smart laboratories, continue to improve the e-CIQ Lab system, promote the concentration of inspection data in inspection and quarantine laboratories, and improve the information management level of inspection and quarantine laboratories. Speed ​​up the construction of the laboratory information management system of the National Quality Inspection Center.

8. Continue to promote the capacity building of port technical inspection facilities. Further implement the "Basic Requirements for the Construction of Port Technical Inspection Facilities", strengthen the construction of inspection and quarantine technical capabilities at five types of ports such as aviation, water transport, roads, railways, and parcels, increase investment in key equipment and facilities, and promote the overall improvement of the port's rapid inspection and safety control capabilities .

9. In-depth development of on-the-job training activities. Further strengthen the construction of the National Quality Inspection Center Technical Alliance and the National Testing Key Laboratory Testing Alliance. Relying on the alliance to organize and carry out on-the-job training activities, use unmanned inspections and other methods to compare laboratory test data, strengthen the calibration management of laboratory equipment and equipment, and improve the technical level of laboratory personnel and the ability to improve service quality.

Three. Strengthen platform construction and create a multi-dimensional quality inspection technology innovation environment

10. To build a scientific and technological innovation platform. Actively apply for national key laboratories and national technological innovation centers to build a national scientific and technological innovation base in the field of basic quality. Strengthen the construction of the national science and technology infrastructure resource sharing service platform for the quality inspection system, and promote the public welfare scientific research infrastructure and large-scale equipment of the quality inspection system to be opened to the public for sharing.

11. Accelerate the construction of an achievement transformation platform. Promote the implementation of the "Guiding Opinions of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements", and continue to strengthen the construction of quality inspection scientific and technological achievements transformation bases. Strengthen the connection with various national achievement transformation funds to promote the transfer and transformation of more excellent quality inspection scientific and technological achievements.

12. Continuously increase the publicity of quality inspection science. The fifth quality inspection technology week was held to enrich the content of activities and innovate the methods of activities. Vigorously promote the construction of quality inspection science popularization base, launch a batch of excellent quality inspection science popularization works, cultivate a professional science popularization team, and create a popular science brand with quality inspection characteristics.

13. Continue to deepen scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges. Actively promote scientific and technological cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China Jiliang University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes. Make full use of the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism of international scientific and technological cooperation to expand international scientific and technological cooperation in quality inspection. Strengthen NQI technical exchanges with countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Four. Highlight technical advantages and strongly expand the supply of quality inspection technical services

14. In-depth development of “Double Zero” activities. Focusing on the theme of "zero defect in quality and zero distance in service", we will continue to promote quality inspection technical institutions to strengthen inspection and testing public technical services, establish service models, carry out pilot demonstrations, and actively explore the working mechanism of a wider range of social forces to participate in serving small, medium and micro enterprises. Promote the normalization of the activities of the experts of the Science and Technology Commission to better serve the "double innovation".

15.  Steadily promote the integration of inspection, testing and certification agencies. Cooperate with the Central Organization Office to strengthen work research and study new situations and new problems arising in the integration work. Summarize and promote good experiences and good practices, actively coordinate and promote, and further promote the integration of inspection, testing and certification agencies in the quality inspection system.

16. Actively promote the construction of high-tech service industry clusters for inspection and testing. In accordance with the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine General Office of the Development and Reform Commission on Supporting the Construction of the National Inspection and Testing High-tech Service Industry Cluster" The inspection and testing high-tech service industry gathers and develops, and the quality of service areas is improved.

Five. Improve the work system and release the protection effectiveness of geographical indication products as a whole

17. Continuously improve the level of protection. Improve the standard system, inspection system, and quality assurance system for the protection of geographical indication products, and protect a number of key products with obvious geographical features, distinctive humanities, and outstanding quality characteristics. Promote the construction of a national geographical indication product protection demonstration zone.

18. Actively contribute to poverty alleviation. Promote poor areas to tap the potential resources of geographical indication products, strengthen business guidance, organize targeted technical training, actively support the cultivation and protection of geographical indication products in poor areas, give full play to brand advantages, and increase the added value of geographical indication products.

19. Continue to promote international cooperation on geographical indications. Continue to promote the international mutual recognition and mutual assurance of geographical indication products such as "China-Europe 100+100", "China-Japan 10+10", and "China-Thailand 3+3". Actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation on geographical indication products, and support more outstanding Chinese geographical indication products to go global.

Six. Implement strict governance of the party and build a high-standard quality inspection technology talent team

20. In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee and the deployment of the Party Group of the General Administration, the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China shall be the primary political task at present and for a period of time in the future. Firmly establish the “four consciousnesses”, strive to enhance the “four self-confidence”, and consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core.

21. Strictly implement the requirements for comprehensive and strict governance of the party. Carry out in-depth "Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission" theme education activities. Earnestly implement the “two responsibilities”, earnestly implement the spirit of the central government’s “eight regulations”, strengthen integrity and self-discipline, deepen work style construction, strengthen accountability, and promote the close integration of party building and scientific and technological work.

22. Vigorously strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents. Give full play to the role of the Science and Technology Committee of the General Administration, carry out strategic research, and put forward consulting suggestions. Cultivate quality inspection technology innovation teams and strengthen the training of young scientific and technological talents. Organize quality inspection technology innovation training courses to effectively improve the ability and level of quality inspection technology personnel. Strengthen the statistical work of quality inspection technology.