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Mexico NOM certification introduction

Mexico NOM certification introduction

The NOM certificate is one of the prerequisites for the entry of Mexican goods. The goods can only be cleared sold in the market if they hold the NOM certificate. Mexico does not recognize certificates from other countries, but only recognizes its own NOM certificate.

Introduction to Certification

NOM is the abbreviation of the official Mexican stard “NormasOficialsMexicanas”. The stard is based on the "Mexican Federal Law on Metrology Stards" (LFMN), implements a market regulation system. The system requires that all products within the scope of control must comply with NOM stards be affixed with the NOM mark before they can be circulated in the market.
NOM (NormasOficialesMexicanas) mark is a matory safety mark in Mexico. The NOM mark is on the product to show that the product complies with relevant stards.
For electrical electronic products, the following departments are mainly responsible for NOM related testing certification:
ANCE: The scope of certification covers all household appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, lamps, etc.
NYCE: The scope of certification covers all telecommunications products, video audio equipment data processing equipment.
The certificate holder of this certification must be a local registered company in Mexico, responsible for the quality, maintenance reliability of the product. However, under special circumstances, a Chinese company can hold the main certificate, but a local Mexican company must hold a secondary certificate; only the certificate held by the local Mexican company can be used for customs clearance. The product test report must be issued by a laboratory accredited by the Mexican laboratory audit organization, submitted by the accredited laboratory to the relevant Mexican institution for certificate issuance. The certificate is valid for one year, the test must be re-applied within one year after obtaining the certificate to maintain the validity of the certificate.

Mutual recognition with North American certification

The Mexican government announced a new resolution in the Official Gazette on August 17, 2010, confirming the equivalence between the three NOM stards in Mexico the corresponding stards in the United States Canada. Therefore, for the following electrical electronic products imported from Mexico, as long as they have applied for North American certification marks (such as UL, CSA, ETL, MET, etc.), they can enter the Mexican market no longer need to apply for NOM certification.

Product range

NOM logo covers more than 2,000 product categories, the setting of NOM stards covers the following areas: safety, health, environmental protection, communications, ination, energy efficiency, etc. The NOM mark covers most electrical electronic products, such as ination technology equipment, audio video, household appliances, power supplies, lamps other products that are potentially dangerous to health safety. Electronic products with voltage higher than 24V belong to the scope of compulsory certification, electronic products with voltage lower than 24V belong to the scope of voluntary certification.



NOM stard

American Stard

Canadian Stard

Audio video products (without adapter)

NOM 001-SCFI 1993

ANSI/UL 60065, UL 6500*


CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60065-2003+   Amendment 1*


Office equipment

NOM-016 SCFI 1993

ANSI/UL 60335-1*


CAN/CSA-E60335-1/4E-03 (R2007)*


Ination technology equipment

NOM-019 SCFI 1998

ANSI/UL 60950-1 2nd edition


CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-07 2nd   edition


Application process

1. The customer submits samples ination to Waltek

2. Send samples to the qualified laboratory for testing, issue a test report after the test is completed

3. The qualification issuing agency reviews the test report issues a NOM certificate

Certification mark
Mexico NOM certification

Other ination

Technical ination: voltage frequency AC120V/127V/220V, 60Hz

Is it matory: matory + voluntary

Validity period of the certificate: 1 year

Requirements for factory inspection: None

Requirements for certificate holders: a local agency company is required


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