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Argentina IRAM S-mark certification

Argentina IRAM S-mark certification

According to the 92/98 resolution that took effect in 1998, Argentina implements S-Mark matory certification for electrical electronic equipment with an input voltage in the range of AC 50-1000 Vac or DC 50-1500 Vdc. The resolution divided the products into 4 groups, which were implemented step by step from 2001 to August 1, 2004. All products must obtain S-Mark certification before they can enter the Argentine market. Argentina is a member of the CB system, the CB certificate report are recognized, which can save a lot of the trouble of repeating tests sending samples.

Introduction to Certification
IRAMSafetyMark is a matory (except exempted products) certification mark in Argentina. Argentina passed Resolution 92/98 in 1998 established the certification system as compulsory. Starting December 31, 2002, all regulated products must be evaluated by a certification body accredited by Argentina Accreditation Organization (OAA) for compliance Relevant stards. Manufacturers can attach the Argentine S mark to products that meet the stard, product evaluation is carried out based on the IEC stard plus the Argentine difference or the Argentine stard.
Argentine regulations stipulate that all electronic electrical products with an AC voltage between 50 1000Vac or a DC voltage between 50 1500Vdc require matory safety certification. The certification mode mainly includes type certification, batch certification logo certification. According to the product type, customers can choose any of the following modes:
Type Approval/Batch Approval: Type Test + Supervision Inspection after Obtaining the Certificate
Mark certification: type test + factory inspection + post-certification supervision inspection
Product evaluation stards are mainly based on the Argentine national IRAM stard (most of which are ulated with reference to the IEC stard), or the Argentine national difference is added to the IEC stard. For electronic products, most home appliances some lighting products, the Argentine certification body accepts a valid CB certificate + a complete CB test report issued by a certification body with a mutual recognition agreement.

Product range
Argentine regulations stipulate that all electronic electrical products with an AC voltage between 50 1000Vac or a DC voltage between 50 1500Vdc require matory safety certification.
Application process
1. Customers send samples to Yibo Lab issue test report
2. (If logo certification is required) At the same time, apply to the issuing agency for the first factory inspection
3. After the test factory inspection are completed, the issuing agency will review the documents based on the documents, issue the IRAMSafetyMark certificate after passing the review

Certification mark

IRAM S-mark certification IRAM S-mark certification IRAM S-mark certification

Other ination

Technical ination: voltage frequency AC220V/50Hz, plug IRAM2073/IRAM2063:2009/IRAM2063:2009
Is it matory: matory
Validity period of the certificate: there is no validity period, the annual review maintains the validity
Requirements for factory inspection: For logo certification, the first factory inspection + annual inspection is required
Certificate requirements: No requirements

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