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Brazil INMETRO certification introduction

Brazil INMETRO certification introduction

INMETRO is Brazil's national accreditation body (Accreditation Body), responsible for the ulation of Brazilian national stards. Most Brazilian product stards are based on IEC ISO stards. Manufacturers who need to export their products to Brazil should refer to these two stards when designing their products. All products that meet the Brazilian stards other technical requirements must be marked with the matory INMETRO mark the mark of an accredited third-party certification body before they can enter the Brazilian market.

Introduction to Certification
INMETRO (The National Institute for Metrology, Stardization Industrial Quality) is the abbreviation of Brazil's National Metrology Stards Industrial Quality Agency. The INMETRO certification under its control covers safety energy efficiency. INMETRO is not only a compulsory certification mark in Brazil, but also Brazil’s national certification body, responsible for The supervision audit of its authorized qualification issuing agencies laboratories, as well as the implementation development of the Brazilian stard certification system.
Brazil INMETRO certification
Currently, qualification issuing agencies include TUV, SGS, UL, BV, NCC, ITS other agencies, there are about 534 qualification laboratories. Most Brazilian product stards are based on IEC ISO stards.
371 Decree
Initially, the certification did not include household appliances. However, with the increase in imports of household appliances, on December 29, 2009, the Brazilian government issued Decree 371, stipulating that a variety of household appliances products should be added to the compulsory certification catalog. According to legal requirements, since July 1, 2011, household related electrical products (such as kettles, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.) sold to Brazil must be compulsory certification by INMETRO.
When domestic factories traders apply to the Brazilian certification body, they must provide Brazilian importers or agents as the local legal representative of INMETRO certification. The representative will be responsible for the products entering the Brazilian market, provide after-sales service to consumers, hle consumer complaints.
According to Decree 371 of December 29, 2009, home appliances sold to Brazil applicable to IEC60335-1&IEC60335-2-x stards must comply with the requirements of the Decree. For manufacturers importers, the decree gives a three-stage timetable for specific implementation. The specific timetable is as follows:
Since July 1, 2011 – Manufacturers importers should produce only import certified equipment.
Since July 1, 2012–Manufacturers importers can only sell certified equipment to the retail/wholesale industry.
Since January 1, 2013–Retail/wholesale can only sell certified devices.
Product range
Currently, Brazil's product certification is divided into two types: compulsory certification voluntary certification. Compulsory certification products include: home appliances similar products, pumps, fluorescent lamps, toys, wires cables, switches, plugs sockets, circuit breakers, electronic ballasts, etc.; voluntary products include IT/AV products, Power tools other products. As of December 2014, there are 113 products covered by compulsory certification.
Application process
1. The customer sends samples to Yibo Lab, Yibo issues a test report
2. At the same time, apply to the certification agency for the first factory inspection, including the inspection of the factory Brazilian buyers
3. After the test factory inspection are completed, the certificate issuing agency will review based on the files, issue an INMETRO certificate after passing the review
Certification mark
All products that meet the Brazilian stards other technical requirements must be marked with the matory INMETRO mark the mark of an accredited third-party certification body. The mark is marked on the product nameplate or outer packaging along with the certification body code (OCP) In order to enter the Brazilian market. The signs are as follows:

Brazil INMETRO certificationBrazil INMETRO certification

Brazil INMETRO certification  Brazil INMETRO certification
Other ination
Technical ination: voltage frequency AC127V-220V/60HZ, plug ABNTNBRNM60884-1:2004
Is it matory: matory + voluntary
Validity period of the certificate: based on the product, divided into 2 years/3 years/5 years (3 years for home appliances
Requirements for factory inspection: first factory inspection + annual inspection (for manufacturers Brazilian buyers at the same time)
Requirements for certificate holders: a local agency company is required

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