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Leather goods

Leather goods

The leather industry covers major industries such as tanning, shoemaking, leather clothing, leather goods, fur their products, as well as supporting industries such as leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, accessories. According to international stards ISO, American AATCC, ASTM, CPSC, British BS, German DIN, Japanese JIS, International Wool Bureau IWS China GB other relevant stards, it conducts various perance tests on leather products.

Leather clothing, leather fur other products

Determination of coating fold fastness| Test of sensory requirements| Specification for washing dyeing of leather clothes| Determination of aldehyde content| Determination of tearing force tearing strength| Tensile strength elongation Rate determination|

Determination of burst height (burst strength)| Determination of dichloromethane (carbon tetrachloride) extract| Determination of total ash water-soluble ash | Dry peel strength Measurement of | Shrinkage temperature measurement|

Friction color fastness test | Measurement of shrinkage temperature | Measurement of pH value | Measurement of odor | Measurement of volatile matter


Backpack products

Load test (stationary, drop, swing test)| Rubbing color fastness test| Appearance quality inspection| Accessories inspection| Stitching strength determination| Zipper durability fastness inspection| Material Identification


Shoe products  

Footwear requires a lot of wear for a long time, so its perance requirements are very high. Xince has many years of experience in footwear testing analysis. It is an authoritative third-party testing organization recognized by the country. It can comply with international stards ISO, OEKO-TEX, American ASTM, CPSIA, SATRA, AAFA, British BS, German DIN, European EN, China GB, QB other stards have completed relevant testing evaluation, customers can also tailor their own stard requirements according to customer requirements.


Test items

Abrasion resistance | Peel strength| Sensory quality| Material identification| Flexural rigidity of shank| Adhesion strength of outsole outsole| Hardness of shank| Heel hardness| Shoe Heel binding force | Leather shoe fitting test|

Folding resistance of leather shoes | Shoe upper (belt) pull-out strength  


Detectable shoe materials

Leather, textiles, plastic products, vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, dry paint products, dyes, heels, outsole materials, light-colored upper materials, fiberboard

CABLETEK - 15 years of focus certification testing field

The company has advanced domestic and foreign testing equipment with excellent performance, as well as a group of high-quality and experienced senior testing technology experts, which can provide customers with one-stop testing and certification solutions to help customers succeed in new products Enter the domestic and international markets.

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