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Mechanical perance testing

Mechanical perance testing

Hardness is a characterization of the ability of a metal to resist deation or cracking in a local volume of the surface. It not only has an approximate empirical relationship with the static strength fatigue strength of the material, but also has an indirect relationship with process properties such as cold ability, machinability, weldability. Some contact. Therefore, the hardness value has a certain reference significance for controlling the quality of the material's cold hot processing technology. Static stretching can determine the most basic mechanical properties of the material in the process of elastic deation, plastic deation fracture.


Material mechanical properties refer to the macro-mechanical properties of materials under normal temperature static load, which are the main basis for determining various engineering design parameters


Test criteria


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Test criteria


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Cantilever impact

GB/T 1843, ISO 180, BS EN ISO 180, EN ISO 180, ASTM D256

Impact strength of simply supported beam

GB/T 1043.1, ISO 179-2, ASTM D6110


GB/T 4337, GB/T 3075, GB/T 63698

cup protrusion

GB/T 4156


Drawing load

GB/T 15825.3

cone cup

GB/T 15825.6


GB/T 15825.4


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