Watch CE certification for EU export certification

Source: Date: 2021-8-20

CE certification is the “main requirement” that forms the core of the European directives. It was reported in the “Resolution on New Methods of Technical Coordination and Standards” issued by the European Community on May 7, 1985 (85/C136/01). Need to be used as the purpose of formulating and implementing directives "Main requirements" have a specific meaning, that is, they are limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The coordination directive only specifies the main requirements. General instruction requirements are standard tasks.

    Watch CE certification:


    1. According to the directive's requirements on which conformity assessment mode should be used to use the CE mark, and the principle of conformity assessment, select the appropriate mode from the eight certification modes.

    2. After self-assessment or application for third-party assessment or mandatory application for the EC notification procedure to accredit the certification body in accordance with the requirements of the directive, prepare the manufacturer’s self-assessment conformity statement and/or the accreditation certification body’s CE certificate, as a prerequisite for the use or approval of the CE mark.

    3. After passing the conformity assessment of the prescribed mode according to the relevant directives, the manufacturer will make or attach the CE mark and additional information stipulated by the relevant directives.

    4. The relevant directives should be placed on the CE mark, and then the identification number of the accredited certification body should be appended by the accredited certification body performing the conformity assessment, or the authorized manufacturer or its The agent of the entity is responsible for attaching. For products that are particularly dangerous, the directive stipulates that the compulsory accreditation and certification body shall conduct product sample tests and/or quality system accreditation, and the accreditation must be obtained before the CE mark can be approved.

Watch CE certification

    Phone watch CE certification process:

    1. Application 1. Fill in the application form for CE certification of telephone watch 2. Provide product information

    2. The quotation determines the test standard, test time and corresponding cost based on the product information provided

    3. After the payment applicant confirms the quotation, sign an application form and service agreement and pay the full project fee.


    5. The test is passed and the report is complete

    6. The project is completed, the phone watch CE certification certificate is issued, the factory retains the CE product test report