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Argentina Energy Efficiency Certification Energy Label

Argentina Energy Efficiency Certification Energy Label

IRAM Safety Mark is a matory (except for exempted products) certification mark in Argentina. Argentina adopted Resolution 92/98 in 1998 established the certification system as matory. Starting from December 31, 2002, all regulated products must be evaluated by a certification body accredited by the Argentina Accreditation Organization (OAA). Check whether it meets the relevant stards. Manufacturers can attach the Argentine S mark to products that meet the stard, product evaluation is carried out based on the IEC stard plus the Argentine difference or the Argentine stard.

Introduction to Certification
In May 1999, the Ministry of Energy, Trade Industry of Argentina promulgated Resolution No. 319/99 to implement an energy efficiency certification labeling system for a variety of household appliances, including refrigerators, refrigeration equipment, washing machines, lighting equipment, air conditioners. Argentina's energy efficiency grades are divided into seven grades: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, of which the A grade has the highest energy efficiency level. The energy efficiency label must indicate the energy efficiency level of the product the test method used. The resolution stipulates that manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers retailers must first obtain product certification to prove that their products meet the required technical stards before entering the Argentine market.
Product range
Application process
1. The customer submits samples ination to the certification body
2. Send samples to the qualified laboratory for testing, issue a test report after the test is completed
3. Qualification issuance agency reviews test report issues energy efficiency certificate
Certification mark
Argentina Energy Efficiency Certification
Other ination
Technical ination: voltage frequency AC220V/50Hz, plug IRAM2073/IRAM2063:2009/IRAM2063:2009
Is it matory: matory
Validity period of the certificate: there is no validity period, the annual review maintains the validity
Requirements for factory inspection: For logo certification, the first factory inspection + annual inspection is required
Certificate requirements: No requirements


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