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Saudi Arabia certification

Saudi Arabia certification

SASO Saudi Arabia certification is that the Saudi government requires all products controlled by the PCP program to have SASO certification when entering Saudi customs. The SASO security certification certificate is obtained. The PCP program provides three ways for exporters or manufacturers to obtain CoC certificates. The Saudi government requires all products controlled by the PCP program to have SASO certification when entering the Saudi customs. If the SASO certificate cannot be issued, the product will be refused entry or sample testing.

Introduction to Certification

In order to ensure public health, consumer safety national security, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce Industry MOCI began to implement the ICCP plan in 1995. On September 30, 2003, MOCI promulgated implemented a new Product Conity Certification Program (PCP), which replaced the ICCP program, broke the monopoly mechanism of the ICCP program, introduced third-party evaluation agencies third-party laboratories.
On August 8, 2004, the Ministry of Commerce Industry of Saudi Arabia issued Decree No. 6386 to amend the PCP plan, stipulating that all products within the scope of control must provide a valid certificate of conity (CoC, Conity of Certificate) before they can be approved Enter the Saudi market. The PCP plan is controlled by the Saudi Stards Administration (SASO, SaudiStards, MetrologyQuality Organization), SASO authorizes the designated issuing authority to issue CoC certificates.
Except for the prohibited or exempted products, all goods imported by Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a CoC compliance certificate. The PCP plan covers the three aspects of conity assessment, check sum certification. This procedure consists of three certification methods, including: batch-by-batch inspection, registration type certification. Manufacturers can choose by themselves according to the actual frequency of shipments.
Saudi Arabia certification
Saudi Arabia’s latest requirements:
1. The conity certificate issued for goods exported to Saudi Arabia should be based on the test report issued by an accredited laboratory;
2.CoC can only be issued to products produced by factories licensed or registered by the government of the exporting country;
3. For each batch of high-risk goods/products to be exported to Saudi Arabia, the pre-shipment inspection shall be carried out, the cabinet shall be sealed, wax sealed, the serial number related to the conity certificate of the product shall be marked on the seal;< br />  
4. All signs on the product must be verified.

Product Range
All consumer products exported to Saudi Arabia are classified as regulated products, involving five major categories: toys, electrical electronic products, automotive products, chemical products other products.
Products not within the scope of PCP control: food agricultural products, medicines cosmetics, medical equipment equipment, crude oil. Prohibited export products: weapons, alcohol, tranquilizers, pork, pornographic materials, wine-making equipment, fireworks, Christmas trees, nutmeg, masks, video phones, toys or statues representing animals people, etc., are more than 40 varieties.

Application process
1. Batch inspection:
Applicable to exporters or suppliers who ship infrequently (such as less than three times a year). The pre-shipment inspection PSI the pre-shipment test PST must be carried out, the CoC certificate can be obtained after both are passed.
2. Registration:
Applicable to exporters who ship frequently (homogeneous products). They must inspect PSI before shipment apply for the Product Registration Certificate StatementforRegistration (SfR). This method is suitable for most customers. Its advantage is that although each pre-shipment inspection (PSI: Pre-shipment Inspection) is necessary, each batch of goods does not need to be pre-shipment testing (PST: Pre-shipment Testing). ).
3. Type approval:
Suitable for exporters with frequent shipments high output. It is required that the product must fully comply with the relevant regulations, the manufacturer's quality control system shall be evaluated, the type approval certificate StatementforLicence (SfL) can be issued only after the requirements are met. This method can not only save inspection fees or test fees before each shipment, simplify repeated application procedures, but also ensure ivery time. Therefore, some of the shipments are more frequent or larger in scale, focus on quality reputation. Favored by the company.
Note the following:
1. Tag language: English or Arabic;
2. Instructions, warning words: Arabic or Arabic+English;
3. The word MADEINCHINA must be printed on the product packaging or on the label; (MADEINCHINA must be reflected on the product packaging in a non-removable way, ordinary stickers cannot be used);
4. Do not allow any SASOLOGO that has not been authorized by SASO to be displayed on the product or package, so as to prevent the goods from being rejected by the Saudi Customs at the port of destination for customs clearance.
Other ination
Technical ination: voltage frequency AC220V60Hz, plug BS1363
Is it matory: matory
Validity period of the certificate: COC batch is valid, the registration certificate is valid for one year
Requirements for factory inspection: None
Certificate requirements: None
SASOEER energy efficiency certification
Introduction to Certification
Saudi Energy Efficiency Certification is a compulsory certification controlled by the Saudi Stards Authority (SASO). As the only national stards agency in Saudi Arabia, SASO is solely responsible for the ulation implementation of all stards measures.
In March 2009, SASO announced in the National Official Gazette the implementation of energy efficiency labels (EER) minimum energy perance requirements (MEPS) for air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers. The regulations are as of April 27, 2010 From the beginning, all products within the scope of control must pass the energy efficiency test, meet the requirements of MEPS, complete the Saudi energy efficiency registration affix the energy efficiency label (as shown on the left), before they can be cleared sold on the Saudi market.
The certificate is valid for one year, you must apply for renewal one month before the expiration of the certificate.
Stard :
1. Air conditioner
According to Article 5 of SASO2663/2012 stard; MEPS value requirements will be enforced on January 22, 2015 to implement the second phase of the upgrade (as shown below):
Type of air conditioning equipment Refrigeration capacity limit (CC) (Btu/h) (EER) value (Btu/h)/watt
  Matory implementation from September 7, 2013
(EER) value (Btu/h)/watt
  Matory implementation from January 22, 2015
Test conditions (T1) T1 T3 T1 T3
Window style 18000 > CC 8.5 6.12 9.8 7.06
18000 CC < 24000 8.5 6.12 9.7 6.98
CC  24000 8.5 6.12 8.5 6.12
Split others All abilities 9.5 6.84 11.5 8.28


Second, refrigerator
The new stard for household refrigerator energy efficiency SASO2664:2013 Matory date: 2014-10-01
Timetable for the implementation of the new stard:
--From August 1, 2014, SASO will no longer accept applications for energy efficiency certificates of the old stards
--From January 1, 2015, Saudi Customs will prohibit refrigerators that do not meet the new stards from entering the Saudi market
--From March 1, 2015, refrigerators that do not meet the new stards will be prohibited from being sold on the Saudi market
--Refrigerators that have a valid Saudi energy efficiency certificate but do not meet the new stards are allowed to use labels on the market until February 28, 2015.
--Refrigerators that have held a valid Saudi energy efficiency certificate meet the new stards are allowed to continue to use the label until the certificate expires.
Three, washing machine
The new stard for household washing machine energy efficiency SASO2692:2013 Matory date: 2014-10-01
The timetable for the implementation of the new stard: consistent with the refrigerator
Control products
Air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator/freezer/refrigerator-freezer
Application process
Energy efficiency test of qualified laboratory---Yibo submits the test report required documents to SASO---SASO audits issues EER certificate
Certification mark
SASO EER energy efficiency certification


Other ination
Technical ination: voltage frequency AC220V60Hz, plug BS1363
Is it matory: matory
Validity period of the certificate: one-year validity period
Requirements for factory inspection: None

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