Nigeria SONCAP

Nigeria SONCAP

Nigerian National Stards Agency (Stard Organization of Nigeria, SON) It is the Nigerian government agency responsible for ulating implementing quality stards for imported goods domestically manufactured products. In order to ensure that controlled products comply with the country’s technical stards or other international stards that have been approved for implementation, to protect Nigerian consumers from unsafe or non-compliant products, the National Bureau of Stards of Nigeria has decided to implement controlled products exported to the country. Compulsory conity assessment procedure before shipment (hereinafter referred to as SONCAP).

Introduction to SONCAP

SONCAP is a new policy implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria to inspect control the export of unqualified unsafe products to the country.

The goal of implementing SONCAP is to ensure that regulated products meet the relevant provisions of acceptable stards, to facilitate the management of regulated products by relevant government agencies that are responsible for product quality supervision.



Nigeria SONCAP








Basic ination

Certification type: matory

Technical ination: 220V, 50Hz

Certification mark: None

Factory inspection: PC plan A: none; PC plan B, C: yes

Certificate validity period: PC plan A: batch validity; PC plan B, C: 1 year

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